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Located in a Platinum LEED certified building, Greenhouse Loft is Chicago’s most sustainable meeting and corporate event venue.

At Greenhouse Loft we take pride in our full commitment to environmental sustainability. So if leaving a small carbon footprint is a priority for your organization, we’ll help you achieve that goal in style! We partner with vendors who share our vision and also incorporate sustainable practices in their business operations.


  • Locally sourced catering minimizes transportation fuel emissions

  • Organic catering options reduce the environmental farming impact as a whole, and greatly cut down on groundwater pollution and the use of non-renewable energy

  • Waste reduction achieved by serving items in bulk when possible

  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction through on-site composting of any food waste


  • All eco-friendly utensils, cleaning products, and maintenance supplies

  • Collection of restored mid-century modern furniture

  • Reclaimed 130 year old hardwood floors

  • Once a manufacturing facility, our entire building was restored and re-purposed    

  • On-site recycling and composting eliminate up to 90% of event-generated waste, which would otherwise be landfilled


  • Certified Platinum LEED, the highest ranking possible from the U.S. Green Building Council
  • State-of-the-art indoor air quality sensor and filtration system
  • High efficiency windows and heating + cooling system reduce energy use by 22%
  • 8,000 square foot organic sky garden with native prairie plants and trees
  • Water efficient appliances/toilets and a 41,329 gallon on-site rain cistern system
  • Green escalator, uses 30% less energy than an average escalator
  • Co-op vegetable garden on-site
  • America’s largest sustainable business community
  • Environmentally friendly building materials including low toxin (VOC) paints and stains
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Greenhouse Loft offers fun, flexible furniture options for your offsite meeting.

What started as a personal hobby of collecting mid-century furniture, turned into a conscious effort to purchase previously owned pieces instead of buying new. These high-quality pieces are part of our effort to be the most sustainable meeting space in Chicago.

Nothing has a way of dressing-up a meeting space like some unique, yet classic and comfortable furniture. We especially love how furniture brings-out the possibilities of a blank space, enlivening it and even impacting how people within that space learn, create, and interact with each other.

Since not all meetings and events are the same, we offer a variety of tables and chairs for your room setup. Of course you are always welcome to bring-in rental furniture from any vendor of your choice, or even mix and match rentals with our items if you prefer.