The idea of a company retreat to restore your employees’ peace of mind has lots of companies jumping on board. If you can refocus your team and get paid for a day of relaxation, why not participate? Company culture is a huge focus for those looking to change jobs and those weighing the benefits of their current company. Here are some ways you can show your employees you care about their well-being without straying from your company vision.

Take a Poll - No matter your company size, give all team members the chance for their voice to be heard. In your early planning stages, send out an email asking who would be willing to participate in a wellness retreat with the team and what ideas they have to make it unique. This way, you can start to feel out the group and put together a planning team to share the responsibilities that go into planning and off-site retreat.

Incorporate all levels - When you begin your planning process, make sure all age groups and levels of seniority are represented in your planning meetings. Newer members of the team might bring up excellent ideas that more senior members would not think of and vice versa. While the idea of a retreat is to get people out of the ordinary, you want to make sure everyone is comfortable with the activities being offered.  

Another way to diversify the day is to offer different types of sessions at the same time. Some members of the team might not be giddy about goat yoga, so offer a second, less adventurous option to make sure all team members feel engaged and acknowledged.

When is the right time to plan a retreat?

Many companies offer health challenges throughout the year to motivate the team to stay active. Why not take a day to help your employees jumpstart their fitness routine or help them stay motivated in the middle of the challenge? Search for companies that offer group fitness classes to have a little fun with the team.

A big company restructure might leave team members feeling a little out of sorts. Participating in a fitness-related, team-focused activity could help smooth out any growing pains and build bonds to move the team forward. Look into “Amazing Race” or relay-style events to help team members learn how to work together!

We know not everyone has the time or budget to travel off site. If your company is coming up on the end of a stressful business deal or a particularly busy quarter, try something like in-office massages to eliminate stress and boost productivity. 

Find a space that sticks to your core values - Not all companies are the same, so finding a space that echoes your company’s voice matters. If your company is all about getting outdoors and you host a retreat in a conference center with no windows, chances are it won’t be as accepted as if you hosted it at a nature preserve. If your company is all about becoming more environmentally aware and sustainable, a place like Greenhouse Loft, which is LEED platinum certified, may be right up your alley.

Whatever your company stands for, make sure it is represented throughout the event – including the space in which it is held.