Have you ever walked into an office and thought, “Wow this place has a little something extra and I just can’t put my finger on why!” Take a closer look. We bet you that office had plants placed around the space. Greenery in the workplace can add so many benefits to your employees’ day-to-day mood, productivity levels and overall health. Let us break it down for you. 

Reduce Stress
According to this study, when workers have access to a green space, their overall stress levels decrease. If that space happens to be outside in nature, even better. Lucky for you, Greenhouse Loft has both! We realize that you don’t always have control over your office decor, so if you can’t add a greenhouse to your workplace, see about heading somewhere offsite once a month to work in a different environment with access to plants and nature. 

Improve Wellness
Wouldn’t it be great if our environment at work could actually improve our overall wellness and reduce sickness? Well guess what - it can! A recent Harvard study found that since we spend so much time at the office, buildings that make a conscious effort to green their building can improve employees cognitive levels and decrease the amount of sick time spent out of the office. Greenery helps to purify the air, which is one important factors in green or LEED certified buildings. 

Improve Aesthetics
It may seem arbitrary but people want to work in a place that is visually pleasing to the eye. Design that is inspired by nature is called biophilic design and it is becoming increasingly popular as companies design new workplaces. As we’ve talked about before, natural light and green plants can increase workplace aesthetics and keep your employees happy throughout the day and long after they leave.


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