We’ve all been there. Our company has out-of-town colleagues coming in town and a full day of meetings planned to make the most of the face-to-face time. 8am to 8pm can sound like quite the daunting day. However, mixing up the location and some of the seemingly mundane details could really spice up the meeting and make it one to remember. Here are some of our top tips from past successful meetings to help you do just that. 

Plan ahead
It might seem like you can throw together a meeting in a day or two, especially if you’ve organized them in the past.  However, planning out your details in advance gives you time to iron out any tricky details. The team at Greenhouse Loft makes a point to collaborate with all vendors involved and ensure everyone’s timelines are synched.

Make it beneficial (and fun) for everyone
If you’re bringing in multiple departments from your company, plan breakout sessions to give each department time to touch base and work on their projects. When the breakout session is complete, the room can be rearranged for a large group activity Customize your floor plan to make it work for you. 

Fuel the team
Who doesn’t love a good lunch spread on an off-site meeting day? We love the options our caterers provide for business meetings. Whether you’re looking for an excellent sandwich spread, an array of salads or a full buffet, our caterers can do it all! Ask about turn key catering options for breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. We can also provide coffee, tea and grab-n-go snacks throughout the day to ensure your team can stay sharp and on track to success.

Plan some downtime
Think about when your team is the most productive. Nine times out of 10, mornings are best for capturing innovative ideas and getting new information across. Make sure to plan breaks so your employees can use the restroom, refuel or just get some fresh air. Cocktails in the garden at the end of the day can be a perfect way to cap off the meeting and create some team bonding opportunities. 

Let Greenhouse Loft host your next off-site meeting and you get a dedicated venue manager to make sure everything runs smoothly!