Picture courtesy of Greenhouse Loft Photography

Picture courtesy of Greenhouse Loft Photography

"My email is a flurry this morning with compliments on our event, the beautiful venue, and the great food. What a wonderful day! Thank you for all of your efforts." - M. Foster, Pierre Fabre


In mid-September, Greenhouse Loft had the pleasure of hosting a forum for Pierre Fabre, the second largest independent pharmaceutical group in France. Guests attending the eye-opening symposium were dermatologists, internal medicine physicians, nurses, estheticians, medical assistants, and practice managers who work in a dermatology or medical spa setting. 

Pierre Fabre proudly proclaims its mission, "Caring for the human being as a whole". They work towards that goal by "designing and developing innovative solutions that contribute to people's well-being, from health to beauty." To learn more about how they achieve their goals and their ethical practices, click here.

The products being discussed were akin to what we aim to share with any one who visits our space. In a setting as tranquil as Greenhouse Loft, methods of innovation and sustainability are not only discussed, they are practiced.


"Our goal was to educate our customers so they can better recommend products for improved patient outcomes. We most certainly accomplished that yesterday." - M. Foster, Pierre Fabre