"I was looking for a place that would inspire creative and innovative thinking for our non-profit strategic planning meeting. As soon as I came across the Greenhouse Loft's pictures online I was sold. Though, as good as the online photos are, the real thing is so much better. It offers beautiful natural light, something that is rarely found in a hotel conference room. The staff were helpful, willing and accommodating. I would recommend it and I would absolutely use the space again if given the opportunity."
-E. Richardson, Funder Liason at Recycling Partnership

We recently had the pleasure of hosting an important meeting, not only to us, but to the city of Chicago. The topic of recycling program expansion was discussed by funding partners, board members and a few invited guests and staff. The focus of the meeting was the creation of a strategic plan for a fast growing organization, Recycling Partnership. 

Greenhouse Loft was chosen as the ideal venue with the idea of innovative and creative thinking in mind.  It is key to find a space that offered inspiration. Which is something that most hotel conference rooms lack.

We are ecstatic when we can host such groundbreaking thinkers as these. Since our building proudly practices sorted recycling and composting. We recommend keeping an eye on Recycling Partnership and hope they keep expanding upon their important work.