Arbor is located in the Green Exchange Building right next door to Greenhouse Loft.  We are proud to be partnered in bringing you the best possible catered food for your event!

Everything that Arbor prepares is made fresh, on site, from the best and most delicious items that they can get our hands on. Sharing like minded sustainable beliefs with Greenhouse Loft, Arbor uses real ingredients such as local grains, breads, Green Exchange building rooftop honey and fruits and vegetables from the on-site gardens.

  • All beef and bison is grass fed and from small farms

  • All chicken gets to hang out in the sunshine and pasture with friends

  • All seafood is MSC certified and brought to us with an overall approach of ensuring there is seafood left for future generations.

  • All honey is from the roof of The Green Exchange building

  • Most herbs are from the backyard or rooftop garden

  • Flours are from IL or CA and ground fresh when we order

  • Arbor coffees and teas are awesome, for real, you'll notice

  • Arbor’s kitchen is fifteen feet away from Greenhouse Loft, and it shows

Arbor works to preserve the individuality of each and every ingredient and let it shine through in its most magnificent fashion. Their food is reflective of the seasons, connected directly to inspiration, and redolent of a place and time.

Any event with breakfast and lunch service of 10 people or more will include an on-site service and event liaison for a day rate of $250. In our continued efforts to produce low waste events, all prices will also include real dishes and silverware at no extra charge.



Continental Breakfast Options(10 person minimum)

Metric coffee with Kilgus farms cream and organic sugar AND Orange Juice or Arbor Juice of the Day included.  *Espresso bar service is available (items are priced individually per the café menu)


$10.95 /per person : choose 1 item

$14.45 /per person : choose 2 items  

$16.45 /per person : choose 3 items  


    • AM sandwiches : toasted Wolferman’s English muffin with JRS Amish cage free eggs, Harmony Valley cheddar, and housemade tomato jam (add Beeler’s bacon or Arbor breakfast sausage +$2)

    • Tortilla Espanola (GF) – baked potato and egg tart, served with lime sour cream and GX greens

    • Birchermüesli : don’t let the name fool you, super tasty soaked IL organic oats, greek yogurt, fresh and dried fruit, fruit juice, seasonal and always tasty, hearty and healthy (served cool)

    • Parfait : Vanilla Bean & Dunek’s Maple Greek yogurt, 7-grain pecan granola, fresh seasonal fruits

    • Smoothies : 9oz fruit smoothies, high protein, all natural, fruit driven. (Cherry PB&J, or toasted Coconut, pineapple & Kale)

    • Fresh fruit salad : thoughtfully prepared, seasonal fruits  

    • Bagels : assorted bagels with choice of two housemade spreads + tomato, onion, lettuce, (choose 2 : whipped cream cheese, rooftop honey, bacon chive, hazelnut, maple pecan)

Hot Breakfast Options

Served buffet style, with real plates and stainless flatware

Metric coffee with Kilgus farms cream and organic sugar AND Orange Juice or Arbor Juice of the Day included.

*Espresso bar service is available (items are priced individually per the café menu)


$14.45/per person – choose 1 item from 3 categories  

$17.95/per person – choose 1 item from 4 categories


Category #1 : main dishes

  • Scrambled Eggs : cage-free farm fresh eggs, scrambled with a touch of local cream, French-style butter, salt and fresh herbs

  • Tortilla Espanola : a Spanish classic baked egg and potato tart. served with chorizo braised onions and peppers

  • Vegetable Strata :  baked egg and bread casserole with kale, goat cheese, roasted peppers (add sausage + 1.00/per person)

  • Meat Strata : baked egg and bread casserole with maple sage pork sausage, aged cheddar, grilled peppers

  • Breakfast Sandwiches : bacon/sausage/ham + grilled tomato, egg, cheddar on english muffin or homemade kefir biscuit

Category #2 : breakfast meats

  • Sausage : housemade : rosemary, sage, thyme

  • Bacon : Beeler's uncured bacon

  • Smoked ham : Duroc ham, smoked over hickory

Category #3 : potatoes and grains

  • Potato hash : pan roasted fingerling potatoes, roasted peppers, caramelized onions, Arbor garden herbs

  • Jacket potatoes : boiled, smashed and fried crispy, served with tomato jam

  • Cheddar grits : organic IL corn grits, harmony valley cheddar, Kilgus milk, fresh chives

  • Potato pancakes : served with roasted apple puree and crème fraiche

  • Creamed farro : like oatmeal, but way cooler, served with bourbon raisins and almonds

Category #4 : A.M sweets

  • Wolferman’s English muffins with butter and seasonal jam

  • Parfait :A tray of mini Greek yogurt parfaits : seasonal fruit and housemade pecan granola

  • Euro Cream of wheat : not the stuff you had as a kid…this is legit! served with butter, seasonal jam, and a pinch of salt

  • Fresh milled oats with dried currants and brown sugar

  • Crepes : brown butter crepes, tonka bean caramel and seasonal fruit jam

  • Baked French toast choose one flavor

    • Espresso cream with maple and pecan

    • pb&j – toasted pecan butter, stewed tart cherries, caramelized banana


Deli/Cold Lunch Options(10 person minimum)

We include seasonal iced tea or herbal lemonade and filtered water *Espresso bar service is available (items are priced individually per the café menu)

  • $18.95/per person : choose 2 sandwich options + 2 sides + dessert

  • $19.95/per person : choose 3 sandwich options + 2 sides + dessert  



  • Arbor Turkey : Michigan turkey breast + cheddar + shaved apple + cider mustard + multigrain

  • BLT :  Beeler’s bacon + roasted tomato + lettuces + lemon aioli + multigrain

  • Da Beef : house cured roast beef, grilled onion, espresso aioli, tomato, swiss

  • Turkey Time : Michigan turkey breast, shaved cucumber, herb cream cheese, tomato. lettuce, carrot

  • The Bird : grilled chicken, zucchini slaw, rosemary aioli, feta, ciabatta

  • The Firebird : grilled chicken, buffalo aioli, blue cheese cucumber slaw

  • Chicken Salad (creamy) :  house mayo, toasted sunflower seeds,

  • Chicken Salad (not so creamy) : extra virgin olive oil, toasted pecans, garden herbs, sherry vinegar, red onion, pickled celery

  • Oh Ham I Am! : black forest ham, beer mustard, grilled pineapple, pretzel roll

  • Banh Mi Tender : shaved ham, jalapeno, honey soy mayo, fresh herbs, pickled radish and carrot

  • Charles Tuna : oil cured bonito, pickled celery, hb egg, red onion, lemon, fresh herbs, baguett


  • California Love : avocado, smoky aioli, tomato, pickled onion, spinach

  • Beet It : golden beets, pecan butter, chevre, arugula, pickled apples

  • Stacks on stacks: tomato, cucumber, roasted peppers, mozzarella, toasted almond pesto

  • Yet another Stack : grilled eggplant, hummus, roasted peppers, lemon, feta, sunflower seeds

  • Port of Call : grilled portobella, cilantro tabbouleh, tomato, tahini lemon aioli

  • Sweetness is my weakness : pecan butter, currant jam, banana, multigrain

  • The Roots: butternut and celeriac slaw, roasted grapes, candied nuts, baguette



  • Grain Salad : local grains with dried fruits and toasted nuts

  • Vegetable Slaw : seasonal vegetables, shaved and marinated

  • Fruit Salad : seasonal fruit, thoughtfully prepared

  • Greens : assorted seasonal lettuces, shaved vegetables and vinaigrette (croutons upon request)

  • Kale salad : kale, cucumber, carrot, white wine vinaigrette, roasted sunflower seeds, seasonal fruits, feta

  • Potato salad : simple. Olive oil, red wine vinegar, fresh herbs.

  • Arbor seasonal soup



  • Cookies - Assorted housemade mini cookies - malted pecan butter, 70% dark chocolate chip, korinji cinnamon snickerdoodles, oatmeal currant (choose 2 options)
  • Brownies  -Metric Espresso with salted Springbank Scotch caramel
  • Chef’s choice

Hot Buffet Lunch Options(15 person minimum)

served buffet style, with real plates and stainless flatware

We include seasonal iced tea or herbal lemonade

  • $24.95 choose 1 entrée + 2 sides + dessert  

  • $28.95 choose 2 entrees + 2 sides + dessert  

  • $33.95 choose 2 entrees + 3 sides + dessert

  • $49.95 gourmet lunch (dish specific sides included) + dessert





  • Whole chicken : (cut up) simply and beautifully roasted with lemon and herbs

  • Grilled chicken madeira : charred crimini mushrooms, sweet madeira glaze

  • BYO taco bar : chicken tinga, shredded beef barbacoa, or pork carnitas + all the fixings (tortillas, lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, cilantro, crema, guacamole, hot and mild salsa)

  • Buttermilk fried chicken (cut up) : marinated in herb buttermilk for 24 hours, crusted in potato flakes and spices

  • Meatloaf : grassfed beef, mushrooms, housemade tomato jam and crispy onions

  • Shepherd’s pie : stout braised lamb and beef, carrots and peas, potato crust…old school and awesome!

  • Beer Braised Pork : 12 hr cooked pork shoulder served with ale pickled onions




  • Cauliflower & Lentils : whole roasted cauliflower glazed with thyme honey and sherry vinegar, served over a bed of smoked onions and black lentils

  • Eggplant lasagna : terrine of italian eggplant, roasted tomatoes and peppers, mozzarella, parmesan, Genovese basil

  • Pasta Primavera : Gragnano IGP pasta, grilled seasonal vegetables, sarvecchio parmesan, creamy lemon-parmesan sauce

  • Yaki Soba : pan fried soba noodles, sweet and sour vegetables, crushed peanuts, chilis

  • Portobello Wellington : grilled portobello, walnut pate, puff pastry, served with truffle mushroom jus

  • Thai vegetable curry : seasonal vegetables braised in coconut milk, green curry, pineapple, red chili and lemongrass, served with coconut jasmine rice

  • BYO taco bar : smoky mushroom and black bean ragout, all the add ons (lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, cilantro, crema, hot and mild salsa)

  • Squash Galette : a beautiful tart of whipped goat’s cheese, fresh herbs and roasted squash




  • Brown butter mashed potatoes

  • Herb roasted cauliflower

  • Fingerling potatoes : roasted with olive oil and herbs

  • Illinois brown jasmine rice : cilantro, lime, coconut, peanut

  • Cannellini beans : smoked pork, kale, lemon, rosemary

  • Cabbage & carrot slaw : herbs, sour cream poppyseed dressing

  • Mixed Grains : kamut, spelt, grilled vegetables, dried currants, sunflower seeds

  • Sweet potato salad : toasted pecans, sage brown butter

  • Cheddar grits : organic Illinois sweet corn grits, harmony valley cheddar, fresh chives

  • Fruit salad : seasonal fruits marinated in champagne and orange blossom water

  • Caesar salad : grilled romaine, parmesan baguette crisp, grilled lemon caesar dressing

  • Baked mac n’ cheese : whole wheat pasta, crushed with 4 cheese mornay, topped with parmesan and breadcrumbs, golden brown and delicious




  • Cookies (choose 2 options)
    • Assorted housemade cookies - malted pecan butter, 70% dark chocolate chip, korinji cinnamon snickerdoodles, oatmeal currant

  • Brownies
    • Metric Espresso with salted Springbank Scotch caramel

  • Chef’s choice

Gourmet Lunch Options

All gourmet lunches served with fresh housemade bread

  • Loch Duart Salmon: crispy skin, served with smoked shallot & lemon vinaigrette & shaved fennel, French lentils and charred cauliflower

  • Grassfed beef short ribs : espresso cured and braised for 24 hours, served coffee-beef jus, sunchoke mashed potatoes, creamed kale, and fresh horseradish crème fraiche

  • Shrimp & Grits : laughing bird shrimp, 2008 cheddar & red pepper grits, cayenne butter. Served with marinated green tomato and pecan salad and herb roasted vegetables

  • House corned grassfed beef : stout braised cabbage, roasted vegetables, duck fat potatoes, served with house horseradish and stout mustard

  • Bison Burger Bar – BYO bison burger, housemade bun and condiments, fine cheeses, accoutrement galore, served with fingerling potato salad and smoked vegetable slaw

  • Lamb shanks : red wine and coffee braised, served with cannellini bean ragout, wilted kale, grilled carrots, and herb chimichurri

  • Duck confit : house cured magret duck legs served with mascarpone polenta, red wine braised vegetables, frisee and spinach salad with blue cheese, duck cracklins, roasted figs.




  • Popcorn bar : $4.00/pp  

Organic Wisconsin popcorn with a selection of shake-ons!

  • Beer Nuts : $4.50/pp  

Made with Ale Syndicate Municipal IPA and Wisconsin Maple Syrup

  • Hummus, veggies, and chips : $5.50/pp  

Roasted carrot & lentil hummus, assorted seasonal crudité, zahtar pita crisps

  • Chips : $3.50/pp  

salt & malt vinegar, Parmesan and smoke, chili-lime, spicy, or crazy spicy

  • Cookie Party : $4.50/pp   

Assorted mini cookies - malted pecan butter, 70% dark chocolate chip, korinji cinnamon snickerdoodles, oatmeal currant (choose 2 options)



  • Domestic Cheese Platter : $11/pp

  • Imported Cheese Platter : $13.50/ pp

  • Charcuterie Platter : $16.50/ pp

*All platters include a full accoutrement set consisting of: Green Exchange rooftop honey, homemade jams, toasted and candied nuts and pickled vegetables